Thursday, August 25, 2005

Something I'm working on

Trying to make worthwhile "photoshopped" politcal images. Here is my first effort in progress:

A Boy and His Blog


Blogger pax_assisi said...

Very nice. In Photoshop, after you select the outline of W's head, 'feather' the selection 1 or 2 pixels, then cut/copy, then paste... and that will give you a much nicer outline

11:41 PM, August 25, 2005  
Blogger pax_assisi said...

Please visit and sign the petition to support progressive radio in St. Louis.

Tell your friends. This has worked in other cities.

11:47 PM, August 25, 2005  
Blogger Disgusted in St. Louis said...

Unfortunately, I don't own Photoshop but am using Gimp. It has feathering, but I am still learning to use it.

Thanks for the info on

1:04 AM, August 26, 2005  

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