Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bush's Blame Game: Saddam's Fault

Boy King George and the Cheney misadministration have exhausted the market on their blame game against wicked Bill Clinton (sex is evil; war is good) and the biased liberal media (facts and events disproving BushCo lies are propaganda of biased liberal terrorist sympathizers). With Furious George's approval rating below Nixon's during Watergate and 60% of Americans believing invading Iraq was a mistake, the public is no longer buying what they are selling. So, fraudulent advertiser and national security risk, Turd Blossom decided it was time to pull out the bogeyman. Three years after toppling Saddam and 27 months after having him in custody, the new advertising slogan for the blame game, Saddam's Fault. Obviously, Saddam Hussein is responsible for all the mistakes of the Cheney misadministration's War in Iraq.
Bush blames Iraq's instability on Hussein (from CNN)

President Bush said Wednesday that Saddam Hussein, not continued U.S. involvement in Iraq, is responsible for ongoing sectarian violence that is threatening the formation of a democratic government.
Larry C. Johnson* exposes the "depths of goofiness" in the latest Bush's blame game on his blog, No Quarter (originally seen in a diary at Booman Tribune):
When in doubt, blame the guy in jail. So, at what point did George discover that Saddam's previous grotesque behavior spawned sectarian strife? Is there any chance he heard about this before launching the invasion in 2003 or was he still reading from the script that promised Iraqis, regardless of their sectarian beliefs, would be dancing in the streets?

It would be nice to get an answer on this point. Why?

If the President truly believed that "Saddam was a tyrant and used violence to exacerbate sectarian divisions to keep himself in power, and that as a result, deep tensions persist to this day", then why did he fail to send enough troops to keep the warring factions under control? Since our invation in 2003, almost 2400 of our brave sons and daughters have died in this misadventure. I think it is appropriate to ask President Bush to explain why he was unprepared to deal with the sectarian strife since he knew that Saddam's dictatorial polices sowed the seeds of civil war. Or, is this something he just got briefed on. Maybe the new Chief of Staff, Josh Bolten, gave him a heads up.
The CNN story also has this laughable quote from Bush, "I want the Iraqi people to hear I've got great confidence in their capacity to self govern," considering his interference with the Iraqi government’s choice for Prime Minister (from the LA Times):
U.S. Tells Shiite Bloc It Opposes Jafari as Premier

In Washington's most overt effort to influence who will lead Iraq, the ambassador relays a 'personal message' from President Bush.

In an effort to break a deadlock in forming Iraq's new government, the Bush administration has notified the leading Shiite Muslim alliance that it opposes the nomination of Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari for another term in office, a U.S. official and Shiite politician said Tuesday.

The message from the White House relayed by the U.S. ambassador comes amid growing strain on relations between the United States and the Shiite bloc that heads Iraq's transitional administration. It is the most overt U.S. bid thus far to engineer the choice of a less divisive leader for a four-year government.

* a registered Republican, formerly of the CIA and US State Department's Office of Counterterrorism who broke ranks with the BushCo over the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson


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