Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bush tells residents in path of Hurricane Katrina: Don’t worry Iraq has a constitution

Just when you think President Bush can’t dig any deeper in his attempts to sell his fantasy vision of Iraq to the American public, he now turns an address concerning Hurricane Katrina into a campaign speech for support of the Iraq War.

Bush began by quickly summarizing the efforts taken by FEMA and his signing disaster declarations for the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. Bush then made the following plea to residents of the Gulf Coast:

Hurricane Katrina is now designated a category five hurricane. We cannot stress enough the danger this hurricane poses to Gulf Coast communities. I urge all citizens to put their own safety and the safety of their families first by moving to safe ground. Please listen carefully to instructions provided by state and local officials.
Bush then turned to his main agenda for his address…

On another matter, today Iraqi political leaders completed the process for drafting a permanent constitution. Their example is an inspiration to all who share the universal values of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. The negotiators and drafters of this document braved the intimidation of terrorists and they mourn the cowardly assassination of friends and colleagues involved in the process of drafting the constitution.

In other words, all of the people in the path of Hurricane Katrina have nothing to worry about. The National Guard of Louisiana and Mississippi are doing their job in Iraq, so don’t worry if they are unable to assist you at this time because we are winning in Iraq and the Iraqis will have a constitution.

For all the communities that are affected by Hurricane Katrina, Bush has these words of comfort:

On behalf of the American people, I congratulate the people of Iraq on completing the next step in their transition from dictatorship to democracy. And I want to remind the American people, as the democracy unfolds in Iraq, not only will it help make America more secure, but it will affect the broader Middle East. Democracies don't war with their neighbors; democracies don't become safe haven for terrorists who want to destroy innocent life. We have hard work ahead of us, but we're on the -- we're making good progress toward making sure this world of ours is more peaceful for generations to come.

The White House has graciously posted Bush’s statement Statement by the President on Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq Constitution if you can stomach reading another attempt “to kind of catapult the propaganda”.


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