Saturday, April 01, 2006

Condi's Blame Game: Troops' Fault?

Everyone has been writing a lot about this statement from Condi, but I think they have misread what she is actually saying (via WaPo, 'Tactical Errors' Made In Iraq, Rice Concedes):
"I know we've made tactical errors, thousands of them I'm sure," Rice said. "But when you look back in history, what will be judged is, did you make the right strategic decisions."
BushCo has repeatedly claimed that commanders on the ground are reponsible for the tactical decisions. Rice may be blaming tactical errors on the commanders and troops on the ground because they planned and carried out the tactical decisions.

Following the right wing smear machine, she probably would like to shift blame to the media for tactical failures because they embolden the enemy, as if Boy King George never issued the challenge of "Bring 'em on!"

Condi is claiming the right strategic decisions were made by the Cheney misadministration because they were responsible for the strategic planning.


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