Thursday, October 26, 2006

The NSA uses "the Google"

Another day and another visit from my friends at the NSA. This time it's from their National Computer Security Center to check my enemy combatant status determined by President Bush for opposition to his policies and the War in Iraq.

This visit seems to have been prompted by this Google search:

This returns links to my blog archive, Disgusted in St. Louis: July 2006, and a post Pentagon Investigating My Ties to Terrorism.

The interesting thing here is they did the search on the IP Address 141.116.10.# from the Army Information Services Command-Pentagon, which is the visitor I wrote about in the post returned by the Google search.

Well, whatever their reasons for coming by I'm positive it is tax dollars being well spent on protecting our country from serious terrorist threats and I'm sure President Bush thanks them for their service.

Let's see, the National Computer Security Center is:
a U.S. government organization within the National Security Agency (NSA) that evaluates computing equipment for high security applications to ensure that facilities processing classified or other sensitive material are using trusted computer systems and components. NCSC was founded in 1981 as the Department of Defense Computer Security Center and changed to its current name in 1985. The organization works with industry, education, and government agency partners to promote research and standardization efforts for secure information system development. The NCSC also functions in an educational capacity to disseminate information about issues surrounding secure computing, most significantly through its annual National Information Systems Security Conference.

Perhaps they need a consultant and computer engineer with a background in secure data transactions from the business world to explain the benefits of anonymous IPs, proxy servers, and other means to conceal your IP Address and location. However, I wouldn't be interested in the job because I don't believe the government (or businesses) should be spying on US citizens. Also, I know the NSA is very familiar with the latest technologies and the reasons they leave these footprints probably lie in the area of intimidation or insiders disgusted with the Cheney Misadministration's shredding of our Constitution. Personally, I hope it is insiders joining me in disgust. Welcome guys!

Oh, yes! Before I forget, here are the screen captures of the latest visit recorded by Site Meter:


Blogger Chuck said...

I would guess it is just some slacker that works out at Ft. Meade that was surfing the web. Government employees spend a lot of time doing that... It is not like the are busy trying to find bin Laden or anything....

5:57 PM, October 28, 2006  

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