Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blocked Tubes

Senator Ted Stevens (Idiot-Alaska) parked his SUV illegally and blocked my access to the Internet tubes.

My DSL connection has been down since Friday evening. I knew it had to be a line or router problem with my ISP. After a long, frustrating call to SBC (now ATT) tech support, which lasted about an hour, my connection has been restored. Of course, the call was replete with second and third random transfers for unknown reasons to someone unaware that I had just explained the problem in total to a previous person, who supposedly entered all the information into their incident tracking computer system. After the third person failed to understand why I would want a name or ID to contact them in case of another transfer or a disconnect to prevent me having to explain the problem from scratch to a fourth person, I demanded to speak to a supervisor. Fortunately, they quickly understood the customer service issue, for the supervisor request, as well as quickly being able to identify the problem as a line service problem from their end.

Now that Senator Stevens' SUV has been towed away and I have access to the tubes again, I will attempt to catch up on my blog reading. I don't think I can catch up on the posts I had planned, such as my Saturday morning nature blogging. I will probably save it for this coming Saturday. i will see what I can do about the latest Faux News propaganda attacking Democrats, liberals, and progressives as well as the latest Cheney Misadministration scandals:
  • Walter Reid and other army hospitals
  • political purge of US Attorneys (AKA Prosecutor Rendition)
  • Haliburton moving to Dubai


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