Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Exclusive: Tom Delay's New Home in Virginia

We all know by now that Tom DeLay Says He Will Give Up His Seat.

In an interview, DeLay told Time, that he was going to declare Virginia his primary residence.
DeLay:Probably the end of May. But it depends on the Congressional schedule. As far as what happens with my spot on the ballot: The state Republican executive committee will go to work and I will move to Virginia. The state Republican election committee will pick someone to run on this ballot.

TIME: What is it about the law that makes your moving to Virginia important?

DeLay:I become ineligible to run for election if I'm not a resident of the state of Texas.

TIME: Where in Virginia?

DeLay:I own, I live in a condo in Alexandria. So that will be my residence.

Tom misspoke about that condo in Alexandria. Tom Delay's new residence will be in Petersburg, Virginia which:
is located 25 miles southeast of Richmond. From Interstate 95, take Exit 54 (Temple Avenue/Highway 144), proceed east approximately 3 miles, then turn left on River Road.


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