Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bill Cosby: Jail-O for Mr. Jell-O?

Bill Cosby in custody after authorities disrupt “Jell-O Bomber” plot.

Jell-O Bomber
Two fighter jets were scrambled Wednesday to escort a Los Angeles-to-Washington flight to an emergency landing in Des Moines after a disturbance in which passengers said Bill Cosby paced up and down the aisle with incoherent mutterings of the word “Jell-O”.

The 69-year-old comedian/actor/author faces federal charges for interfering with a flight crew, after his outburst on the flight prompted a massive security scare and raised questions about the thoroughness of passenger screening.

Passengers on the plane said they noticed Cosby acting suspiciously and heard him repeatedly talking about Jell-0. Several witnesses heard “The Cos” specifically mention “putting Jell-O in travel packs” and threats to “make them pop”.

Authorities have uncovered Cosby’s association with Jell-O groups that goes back over 30 years

and his indoctrination of children as future Jell-O bombers.

White House officials were quick to point out that without the key tool of President Bush’s illegal domestic spying authorities would have been unable to disrupt this Jell-O bomber plot or uncover Cosby’s activities as a foreign spy.


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