Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'm Back: New Internet Tube

Well, where to start? It only took 5 weeks to finally get most of my Internet connection problems resolved (see Internet Tube Damage). ATT really sucks. I say most, but not all of my problems are resolved. I'm finally on the fiber optic line I was supposed to be on with the rest of my neighborhood 6 months ago; one other residence in my area and I were never connected. Unfortunately, the SOBs at ATT switched me from DHCP to PPPoE and there is a problem with the PPPoE dropping the connection and forcing me to reconnect -- OFTEN -- despite being configured to 'stay alive'. In addition, for whatever reason their switching me to PPPoE required me to register my account as if it was brand new despite nothing changing, including my email address. On top of that the registration pages wouldn't work properly using Firefox (although they are supposed to) and bombed out, despite using IE, with a database error on their side -- nice work ATT!

No comments posted on my blog and no emails regarding it. Gee, it looks like my 6 regular readers -- that would be the 5 government agencies and my last living relative checking to see if I'm still alive -- may have concluded I gave up blogging or passed on --- sorry to disappoint everyone.


Blogger Sir Oolius said...

Though we're not related (as far as I know), I'm glad to see you back...

2:13 PM, May 02, 2007  

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