Monday, July 30, 2007

Attn: Bill O'Reilly -- You missed this image!

Bill O'Reilly Says He Will "Destroy" Daily Kos Today:
Fox News has apparently been emailing the Democratic campaigns asking them for "comment" on Bill's ongoing Jihad of Jackassery: the following email was sent on to us from one of those Democratic campaigns:
From: Mitchell, Ron [mailto:xxxxxxx@FOXNEWS.COM]
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007
To: xxxxxxx
Subject: Fox News Request

This is Ron Mitchell with Bill O'Reilly at the Fox News Channel.

The O'Reilly Factor plans an update on issues involving DailyKos website the story for Monday.

There are some disturbing images on the DailyKos depicting Sen. Joe Lieberman and others along with some very offensive language. We are asking for statements regarding this issue from each of the Democratic candidates planning to attend the YearlyKos convention.

The image attached is from an active posting. I think that most people would agree that this sort of thing has no place in mainstream political discourse.

So, what was this abominable photoshopped image, the one that was supposed to "bury" Daily Kos by the mere fact that some commenter once put it on the site? Well, here it is, but I warn you, it is very graphic and mean and abominable and it causes puppies to cry, so we don't dare post it.

Here is the image that so offended Billo:


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